Mysterious Water Creature Spotted In New Orleans

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An unknown creature has captivated the attention of people in New Orleans.

As OutKick readers know, we have a bit of a thing for covering the unknown and paranormal. If it’s strange and unexplainable, we’ll investigate.

Well, thanks to a report from WGNO-TV, there’s new unexplainable content online!

What is in the water in New Orleans?

In a report shared by WGNO-TV an incredibly weird creature can be seen in the water just floating near the surface.

Is it a snake? Possibly a large fish? Is it even alive? Could it be a dying fish that is bloated up? One woman interviewed by the outlet referred to it as a “mysterious, serpent-like creature.”

She claimed some have speculated it was a specially engineered carp released into the wild. Give the footage a watch below, and decide for yourself what you think it might be.

What is this creature?

Again, is that a snake, a fish, something in-between or perhaps something that was just fake and a hoax? There’s no clear answer.

It seems unlikely it’d be a carp. Carp are the most useless fish on the planet, according to every fisherman I know. Why would anyone be cooking up carp in a lab and releasing them into the wild? That seems like an absolute waste of time, resources and energy.

Was the mysterious water creature spotted in New Orleans a carp? (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

What we do know for sure is the animal thunderdome isn’t to be messed with. Not at all. Whether it’s sharks, alligators, snakes or the mythical Bigfoot, nature seems hellbent on displacing humans on the food chain. Not on our watch here at OutKick!

Biden might not have been able to find the UFOs that were shot down, but we need SEAL Team 6 called up ASAP to investigate this situation. Get divers in the water and kill or capture (preferred order) whatever that creature is.

No chances can be taken. The last thing anyone needs is “Jaws” turning into a real life experience for the good people of New Orleans.

Written by David Hookstead

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