New Jackson State Coach Deion Sanders Implements Rules On Toilet Use

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Hall of Fame defensive back Deion Sanders has long maintained he wanted to be a college football coach, so he is now living his dream as the main man at Jackson State. Sanders has already landed some prized recruits and transfers, as relayed by OutKick’s Clint Lamb. But before he gets down to business, he is making sure the players take care of their own business — on the toilet.

Sanders, 54, relayed his message via a photo of a toilet on Instagram, featuring two sheets of taped paper on the wall above the commode. One read, “If your aim is off, do the split!’ The other stressed, “Treat this toilet like your Mama got next! — Coach Prime.” While the first message undoubtedly has some merit, Sanders seemed to really stress the second.

“This is 1 of my Pet Peeves so I had to leave a message to get my point across,” Sanders wrote. “Stop taking for granted kids know certain disciplines & etiquette. A lot of young men & woman [sic] hadn’t been taught a THANG.. Real Coaches don’t ever stop coaching.”


Neon Deion received support for his advice on proper toilet protocols from legendary quarterback Brett Favre. ““Lol but so true!!” Favre wrote under the post.

Sanders and Jackson State join other FCS programs that skipped the fall season by playing a schedule that begins in February and ends in April. The Tigers are slated to open Feb. 21 vs. Edward Walters.


Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. what is the over under on how long Leon Sandcastle keeps coaching jackson state?

    i say its lasts one year. he picked a program with a very low bar for winning, but a HOF player like Deon won’t like losing game after game.

    (in fact, i would bet he puts out feelers to leave before the end of next season)

  2. I’m with Deion here. I can personally attest many people weren’t taught basic etiquette. I’ve worked for some large corporations who employ highly educated, highly skilled, professional people, and many of these people are careless slobs. You may be shocked at how many grown men apparently don’t know how to pee “in” a toilet, put toilet paper in a trash can, flush a toilet after vigorous use, or throw used towels into the bend after a shower. Some people apparently don’t know you do those things. I can also say a lack of etiquette is indiscriminate of education, wealth or class. Some folks just weren’t raised right.

  3. I travel extensively with my work and it is a battle to find decent facilities sometimes. I’ve gone so far as to create a kit that I hit a stall with and clean it myself…if you hear someone working a spray gun in a stall in a Pilot or Flying J and smell a tremendous blast of ethyl alcohol in the air, its me… I cannot imagine how some personal bathrooms might look when I see the aftermath they leave in public restrooms…

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