New Information Shows Canada’s Ban On Unvaccinated Travelers Is Based On Politics, Not Science

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Despite all the blatantly unscientific policies enacted by politicians at the behest of their incompetent preferred “experts,” it’s hard to believe that Canada (and the U.S.) still ban unvaccinated travelers from entering the country.

This has been a significant issue in the sports world, with the Royals missing 10 players for a recent series against the Toronto Blue Jays:

Multiple teams have had to lose significant contributors in Toronto, and it could become more of a problem if the Blue Jays host postseason games this October.

All of these organizations and individuals suffering under Canada’s draconian restrictions will be pleased to discover that a new report from former New York Times reporter Bari Weiss’s Common Sense Substack publication has uncovered that the travel ban “had no scientific basis” whatsoever.

That’s correct, there was no scientific basis for Canada’s discriminatory, offensive vaccine passport system that helped launch massive countrywide protests.

OTTAWA, ON – FEBRUARY 05: A protester of the vaccine mandates introduced by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, walks down Metcalfe Street draped in a Canadian flag on February 5, 2022 in Ottawa, Canada. Truckers continue their rally over the weekend near Parliament Hill in hopes of pressuring the government to roll back COVID-19 public health regulations and mandates. (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)

Among many issues, the report details that no one in the “COVID Recovery unit,” which was responsible for enacting the policy, had any training in epidemiology or public health, instead, the director-general has a degree in literature:

“No one in the COVID Recovery unit, including Jennifer Little, the director-general, had any formal education in epidemiology, medicine or public health.

“Little, who has an undergraduate degree in literature from the University of Toronto, testified that there were 20 people in the unit. When Presvelos asked her whether anyone in the unit had any professional experience in public health, she said there was one person, Monique St.-Laurent. According to St.-Laurent’s LinkedIn profile, she appears to be a civil servant who briefly worked for the Public Health Agency of Canada. St.-Laurent is not a doctor, Little said. (Reached on the phone, St.-Laurent confirmed that she was a member of COVID Recovery. She referred other questions to a government spokesperson.)”

This is not to suggest that epidemiologists, doctors or public health officials have covered themselves in glory during the pandemic, but it would at least lend more apparent credibility if those with relevant credentials were making such impactful decisions.

But of course, no one in the COVID Recovery unit apparently made that decision.

As part of an ongoing lawsuit against the mandate, it emerged that someone at a high level in the government, including “possibly the prime minister himself,” had ordered vaccine passports:

“Little suggested that a senior official in the prime minister’s Cabinet or possibly the prime minister himself had ordered COVID Recovery to impose the travel mandate. (During cross-examination, Little told Presvelos repeatedly that “discussions” about the mandate had taken place at “senior” and “very senior” levels.) But she refused to say who had given her team the order to impose the travel mandate. “I’m not at liberty to disclose anything that is subject to cabinet confidence,” she said.

The term “cabinet confidence” is noteworthy because it refers to the prime minister’s Cabinet. Meaning that Little could not talk about who had directed the COVID Recovery unit to impose the travel mandate because someone at the very highest levels of government was apparently behind it.”

Officials at Transport Canada asked for justifications they could present to the public concerning the mandate. They received none:

“In the days leading up to the implementation of the travel mandate, transportation officials were frantically looking for a rationale for it. They came up short.”

Email conversations between the transportation department and public health agency show that no specific explanation was ever provided, just general benefits to the COVID vaccines.

It’s equally unsurprising and disappointing that Justin Trudeau or his minions in the government ordered a vaccine passport system based on zero scientific evidence or data.

Trudeau is the poster child for modern governmental gaslighting and incompetence. He’s completely unconcerned about the impacts to his country’s morale or trust in expertise, instead focusing on appeasing his far left allies in the press who always support further restrictions on normal life.

This was an entirely political decision based on nothing. If functioning media still existed, this would be a monumental scandal, showing Trudeau’s incompetence, hubris and disdain for millions of Canadians.

But since the media largely cheered Trudeau’s efforts, he’ll likely never face a single adversarial question. Not that he would ever deign to give a substantive answer anyway. Trudeau will always dismiss any concerns over his authoritarian overreach by labeling others to delegitimize their criticism.

And naturally, Canada’s vaccine passport policy was enacted just before cases exploded, annihilating previous case records for the country:

Not that Trudeau or his government cares. After all, they make decisions based on politics, not data or evidence.

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Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, author, and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, traveling, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter @ianmSC


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  1. There is ZERO science with any of the stupid COVID mandates that were imposed. It was “How far can we go controlling the people?”. The fact that liberals have damaged the kids with school closures and masks will have a LONG lasting impact.

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