New Durham Filing Claims Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Paid Tech Companies To Mine Data On Trump-Russia Hoax

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Russia, Russia, Russia.

As the Clintons prove to be more conniving than a fox in a balaclava, a new filing by Special Counsel member John Durham further suggests that the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign is guilty of insidious work that incited the fake Russia collusion narrative — centered around former President Donald Trump.

Durham’s latest claim was angled toward a “conflict of interest” presented by former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman, who allegedly paid several tech companies to mine data that connected to Russia and led back to Trump.

Despite their tireless efforts, the connection was always a stretch.

Revealed in a section titled “Factual Background,” as reported by Fox News’ Brooke Singman, Sussman “assembled and conveyed the allegations to the FBI on behalf of at least two specific clients, including a technology executive (Tech Executive 1) at a U.S.-based internet company (Internet Company 1) and the Clinton campaign.” 

The report continues:

“In connection with these efforts, Tech Executive-1 exploited his access to non-public and/or proprietary Internet data. Tech Executive-1 also enlisted the assistance of researchers at a U.S.-based university who were receiving and analyzing large amounts of Internet data in connection with a pending federal government cybersecurity research contract.”

Durham’s findings further back the notion that the Clinton campaign not only fanned the flames of the Russia collusion hoax but also provided the oxygen, heat and fuel needed to get the smear campaign started.

“Tech Executive-1 tasked these researchers to mine Internet data to establish ‘an inference’ and ‘narrative’ tying then-candidate Trump to Russia. In doing so, Tech Executive-1 indicated that he was seeking to please certain ‘VIPs,’ referring to individuals at Law Firm-1 and the Clinton campaign.”

Durham notes, “Tech Executive-1 and his associates exploited this arrangement by mining the EOP’s DNS traffic and other data for the purpose of gathering derogatory information about Donald Trump.”

The hypocrisy of the DNC continues to intensify.

Dems fail to ease off their accusations of overseas collusion and interference in the botched 2016 elections; meanwhile, they’re the ones in bed with the wrong people.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. I am sure this will be described as a “right wing” conspiracy that has been attacking the Clinton’s since Bill announced his candidacy for president in 1992.

    Hell, you do all of this and still lose!!!!

  2. MSM is ignoring the story. I mean what would it take for the press corp to hold Democrats accountable? I guess there was some honest coverage of the Afghanistan shitshow, but when it’s domestic party vs party news like this they just won’t touch it. Unfuckingbelievable

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