New Cardinals OL Paris Johnson Recounts Amazing First Interaction With Kyler Murray

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The relationship between a quarterback and his offensive line is special. And it sounds like Kyler Murray and newly-drafted Paris Johnson Jr. are already starting off on the right foot.

The Arizona Cardinals selected Paris Johnson sixth overall in the NFL Draft Thursday night.

During Johnson’s inaugural availability with Arizona media, he recounted the first time he met his new quarterback.

It was during a pre-Draft visit, and Johnson had just finished up lunch at the facility. That’s when he saw Murray.

“I look around the corner, I see him, I give him a head nod,” Johnson said. “I’m trying to act all cool, you know. I’m not trying to act a fanboy.”

Playing it cool, Johnson said, “What’s good?”

“And he was like, ‘Hey P, come here.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, he knows me!’ Johnson said. “So I’m walking over, I’m texting my teammate Luke Wypler. I’m like ‘Dude, Kyler Murray, he knows who I am!’

Murray didn’t just know who Johnson was. He’d also watched his film.

“He’s like, ‘Paris, I’ve seen you play, I love what I see. I see how hard you play. I see, the tenacity to finish. And I’d love for you to block for me.'” Johnson recalled.

And Johnson didn’t take the compliment lightly.

 “Coming from a franchise guy, he said it before I had a chance to say it’d be an honor to play for him,” Johnson said. “He said it first. It came out of his mouth first. That’s huge. That’s an honor.”

Paris Johnson Jr. played three seasons for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

He was a Consensus All-American and a first-team All-Big 10 selection in 2022.

Johnson played both guard and tackle during his college career. Given his versatility, the lineman could be a contributor right out of the gates.

“What I add to the Cardinals is the ability to put me anywhere,” Johnson said Friday. “I’ve never snapped before but if they teach me, I will snap for the Cardinals, because I want to be a part of the best five.”

And since he’s already friends with the quarterback, Johnson seems to be setting himself up for success.

Written by Amber Harding

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