Nets Reportedly Asked Timberwolves For Ludicrous Return In Exchange For Kevin Durant

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Kevin Durant is worth a lot on the trade market, but most would agree that trading away your entire franchise to land him is not worth it. That’s not how the Brooklyn Nets are looking at the situation, however, not based on the most recent reports about their asking price for KD.

Vince Goodwill of Yahoo Sports reported that the Nets offered Durant to the Minnesota Timberwolves, but what Brooklyn wanted in return was preposterous.

“I’d heard that Brooklyn came to Minnesota and said, ‘We want Karl-Anthony Towns, we want the Ant-Man (Anthony Edwards) and we want four draft picks,’” Goodwill explained on the ‘Posted Up‘ podcast.

You can’t fault the Nets for swinging for the fences here and you most definitely can’t be upset with Minnesota turning down the deal. If you’re Minnesota on this trade call, you have to hang up the phone as soon as Towns and Edwards are mentioned as a package deal.

Timberwolves Wise To Turn Down Massive Ask In Possible Kevin Durant Trade

Edwards is just 20-years-old, a former first-overall pick, and took major strides in his second year in the league last season. Towns is a former first-overall pick as well, still only 26-years-old, was an All-Star last season, and has averaged 24 or more points in each of his last four campaigns.

Without even mentioning the four draft picks that were also part of the reported deal, trading away Towns and Edwards for a soon to be 34-year-old Durant would be an extremely questionable move on Minnesota’s part.

Now, will another team cough up this sort of package deal in exchange for Durant? Probably, and they may look like geniuses if they win a title in the next two seasons, but that’s a risk Minnesota very wisely isn’t willing to take.

The Timberwolves are clearly sticking to their building plans heading into year three with Edwards, and those plans don’t include KD.

After taking the Memphis Grizzlies to six games in the first-round of the playoffs last season they’ve added Rudy Gobert to the mix creating a pretty scary three-headed monster In Minnesota.

Written by Mark Harris

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