Nebraska Looking To Back Out Of Game Against Oklahoma

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Nebraska vs. Oklahoma used to be among college football’s greatest rivalries, and now it appears Nebraska is aiming to keep “used to be” as the only part of that equation.

According to Brett McMurphy of Stadium, the Cornhuskers are trying to get out of their scheduled September matchup with the Sooners.

“The Cornhuskers have contacted other schools to play in Lincoln on that date,” McMurphy reported, citing sources. “The game was scheduled to mark 50th anniversary of 1971 ‘Game of the Century’ between No. 1 NU & No. 2 OU.”

This is an interesting — and fairly sad — development involving what used to be one of college football’s top programs.

“Last year, Nebraska head coach Scott Frost said his team would play anywhere,” noted Chris Rosvoglou of The Spun. “Apparently, anywhere does not include Norman, Oklahoma.”

Nebraska is coming off a 3-5 season. Meanwhile, Oklahoma went 9-2 and was ranked sixth in the final AP poll.

Written by Sam Amico

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  1. Nebraska WAS a great football team back in the day. They had the best weight program at the time of Devaney and Dr. Tom. Other schools caught up. They had a great presence in Texas as a recruiting base when there were in the Big 12. They hated that Texas called the shots in the conference and left to go for the money and the Big 10. They lost their identity and their recruiting base in Texas as they no longer played the Oklahoma and Texas schools and could not sell that to recruits. You reap what you sow. Bad decision if you want to compete for the national championship. Don’t know if they will ever get back. A real problem for the athletic program. What have they done in any major sport since they left the Big 12? Nothing!!!!!

  2. Athletic Director Peterson hated Frank Solich. He didn’t only fire him, he obliterated the program bringing in Callahan. He could have promoted from within, but wanted to make his own mark on the program. Well, he sure did, as he ran back to Pitt a couple years later.

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