Nebraska HVAC Company Signs Husker WR Decoldest Crawford To Genius NIL Deal

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There are NIL deals and then there’s the NIL deal signed by Nebraska freshman wide receiver Decoldest Crawford, who will soon star in radio and TV commercials for Omaha-based HVAC company SOS Heating and Cooling.

It’s a match made in NIL heaven. It’s a dream scenario for all involved.

“We didn’t expect to be in a situation like this but the second we saw that Decoldest was signing with Nebraska the light bulb went off immediately,” Jake Wasikowski of SOS told OutKick. “We said we have to get this guy to be the spokesperson for us and so far it’s going really well.”

Nebraska freshman wide receiver Decoldest Crawford handling his spokesperson role for Omaha-based HVAC company SOS Heating and Cooling / Facebook

Crawford, a six-foot, 180-pound receiver out of Shreveport, Louisiana, will forever be known as the first NIL deal signed by SOS. This is business 101 for each side. Capitalism at its finest.

According to Wasikowski, the process of signing Decoldest as the spokesperson for the coldest AC in Nebraska wasn’t too difficult. The SOS team reached out to an agency handling Nebraska NIL deals, a meeting was set up, details were hammered out and they got it all done before Huskers camp started.

Yes, there’s a non-compete in Omaha. Some other HVAC company can’t come in and sign Decoldest and set off Cold War II.

Now it’s up to both sides to dig in and make some money.

“He has a really unique name and we want to capitalize on it with him and hopefully he grows into that role of doing really well on the field. We’re willing to take a chance on him,” Wasikowski added.

Decoldest Crawford signs HVAC NIL deal
SOS Heating & Cooling spokesman Jake Wasikowski (left) says you’ll soon see Decoldest Crawford star in TV and radio commercials / Facebook

The numbers so far tell the story. A simple tweet announcing this incredible business partnership is going nuts and SOS is a hero to the NIL world.

This is it, folks. This is college football at its finest. This is America at its finest. This is how you use creativity to benefit all sides. God bless NIL!

Decoldest Crawford tweet stats


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