Nebraska Fan Brutally Roasts The Program With Cancer Comparison

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Nebraska fans are definitely not handling the state of the program very well.

Nebraska kicked Scott Frost’s butt to the curb Sunday following a humiliating loss to Georgia Southern and a career record of 16-31 in Lincoln.

While the team is getting a fresh start, fans are still down in the dumps real bad as the team sits at 1-2 with Oklahoma coming up this weekend.

Nebraska fired Scott Frost following a loss to Georgia Southern. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)

“I’m a three time cancer survivor … All three of those cancers were easier survived than the last four plus seasons of this crap,” an unidentified fan said in a hilarious TikTok video making the rounds.

He also wasn’t alone. The next person claimed he wants defensive players who kill their bacon instead of buying it in a store. Truly galaxy brain takes that are downright hilarious.


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Nebraska fans are truly among the greatest fans in all of sports, and I’ve said for years they deserve much better than the garbage on the field during the Scott Frost era.

He was supposed to be the savior. Scott Frost was a former Nebraska star and the chosen son. Instead, he won a total of 16 games since 2018.

Now, he’s gone and absolutely not missed.

Fresh start for the Cornhuskers.

While the fan in the video above might think beating cancer is easier than cheering for the Cornhuskers, he should have some optimism.

The program officially has a fresh start and there are some major names being thrown for the opening, including Matt Campbell and Urban Meyer.

Who will Nebraska hire to replace Scott Frost? (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)

You can’t rebuild from the ashes if you never torch everything down. That’s what Nebraska did when the Cornhuskers fired Frost.

Now, it’s time to rebuild a program that used to be a powerhouse.

Nebraska fans rip the state of the program. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)

Does that mean it’s time to recruit some players that only eat what they kill? Coaches shouldn’t rule it out, but no matter what, Nebraska is definitely better off today than the program was with Frost coaching.

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