WVU QB JT Daniels Films Painfully Awkward 'Let's Ride' Video

JT Daniels did his best to channel his inner Russell Wilson, and it didn't go well.

The Denver Broncos quarterback started a bit of a trend when he filmed a "Let's ride" promo video to be played during games, and the new quarterback of the Mountaineers gave it a shot.

To call it painfully awkward would be the understatement of the week!

Why? Why are we doing this? It wasn't neat when Russell Wilson did it, and it's not getting cooler when other people attempt to hype people up with "Let's ride."

It's just incredibly awkward and cringeworthy.

JT Daniels, who transferred out of Georgia after this past season, has a really nice arm and is a very solid college quarterback. Those are his strengths. That's what he should stick to.

You know what's not his strength? Filming promo videos in front of a green screen. He looks like a fish out of water and wildly uncomfortable.

It's hard to blame him. Slinging a football around is one thing. Getting in front of the camera to film a promo video with no crowd is a very different animal.

Most people aren't cut out for it.

Just stick to spinning the ball and playing "Country Roads." That should be more than enough for WVU fans.