Video: Maryland Defender Twists Opponent's Ankle, Looks Intentional

For some strange reason, college football players have decided trying to intentionally injury an opposing player is OK. Or that's the way it looks, at least.

First, it was Arkansas tight end Nathan Jax against Alabama wide receiver DeVonta Smith. The special teams tackle certainly looked deliberate, but things didn't stop there.

During the Maryland-Rutgers game, reserve defensive lineman Ami Finau seemingly twisted the leg of Rutgers quarterback Noah Vedral on this tackle. The senior then had to be helped off the field.

There is absolutely no room in the sport for this sort of behavior. In fact, it is wild that Finau wasn't ejected for the dirty hit.

Like Smith for Alabama, Vedral is an important part of the Scarlet Knights offense. No, he isn't a Heisman contender or anything like that, but losing your quarterback -- especially in this way -- has to be frustrating.

Rutgers still ended up winning the contest 27-24 to move to 3-5 on the year, but the more pressing matter is the health or Verdal. He was seen during the fourth quarter with crutches, but the severity is not currently known.

Defenders who choose to take this route should suffer the consequences with some sort of suspension. Period.

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