Tim Tebow: Why Alabama Shouldn't Underestimate Florida In SEC Title Game

Appearing Friday on The Paul Finebaum Show, Tim Tebow issued a warning to Alabama (10-0) as it steamrolls into the SEC Championship game against a Florida Gators team that's coming off a loss to LSU as 23.5-point favorites.

Tebow believes Florida's chance at making the College Football Playoff with two losses and Dan Mullen being up against a wall could be the recipe for an upset.

“It wouldn't be wise to underestimate Dan Mullen in this game,” Tebow told Finebaum. “I think Dan likes it when the chips are stacked against him. He does a good job in that situation. He's going to light a fire in his team. I think last week they were the favorites and it takes a little bit different of a mentality.

"But this is playing more to his comfort zone. He'll have his team motivated and will have a great gameplan. I think he'll do some things that catch Alabama by surprise. But how will they adjust in-game? Both coaches do it so well. Saban has done it for so many years, and he's done so well at developing his team better and better.

"He's done it so well the entire season. That's going to be an exciting matchup. It's an Alabama defense that leads the nation in creating turnovers vs. a Florida offense led by Kyle Trask and Dan Mullen. I can't wait. It really is the best vs. the best.”

Appearing Friday on SEC Network along with Saban to preview the championship game, Mullen seemed very loose while talking about Christmas movies while Saban, who was hounded this week about his baked beans recipe, was all business, making it clear he doesn't have much time for Christmas movies.

Mullen: loose

Saban: all business

Verdict: we're going to get an explosive SEC title game. Buckle up.

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