Tennessee Was Never Going To Lose After Vols Lineman Turned Mid-Game Vomit Into Savage Intimidation Tactic

Tennessee left tackle Jeremiah Crawford has that dog in him. He left it all out on the field against Alabama on Saturday, literally.

Crawford, a senior, plays left tackle for the Volunteers and is a very big fella. The 23-year-old stands 6-foot-5, 315 pounds.

No matter how well-conditioned he may be, running Josh Heupel's offense is exhausting. Tennessee goes extremely fast and uses a lot of different blocking schemes that require more than just blocking the man in front of you.

In addition, the environment at Neyland Stadium for Saturday's game against the Crimson Tide led to heightened emotions and a lot of pressure. All of those factors combined, plus perhaps a little bit too much liquid on the sideline in between drives led to a vicious vomit.

As the Vols drove down the field late in the fourth quarter, Crawford stepped out from the huddle and unleashed a solid stream of puke. Looked like yellow Gatorade.

On-field vomits are not uncommon. It was not even the only one of the day. And by the way, both puking players were victorious. Coincidence?

What Tennessee offensive lineman Jeremiah Crawford did after his mid-game puke was a savage move

The big offensive lineman could have simply thrown up, walked back into the huddle and moved on to the next play. Instead, Crawford went full savage mode and used it as an intimidation tactic.

He looked right up at the Alabama defensive line and nodded at them as if to say "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah, y'all want some of this?"

Crawford is exactly the type of guy that coaches want on their line. Big, strong, fast, physical, and ready to go to war in each and every moment.

On the play after Crawford's puke, he played a big role in a five-yard carry to the left side of the line. Not long thereafter, Tennessee punched it in for six and later went on to win.

There was no way that the Volunteers were going to lose after the post-vomit stare down. That's cold.