Tennessee Players Can't Keep Straight Face When Asked About Clemson Defense

Tennessee's offense bullied Clemson's "elite" defense all game long during Friday's 31-14 Orange Bowl romp, and the fellas couldn't contain themselves after the beatdown.

And by that, I mean they couldn't stop smirking at how terrible the Tigers were despite coming in with a ton of hype.

Joe Milton, Tennessee offense roll Clemson

Tough look here for the Fighting Dabos, who got stuffed in a locker all night by Tennessee's backup QB, Joe Milton.

By the way, how about the CANNON on Milton?! This guy is incredible. Just flicking the wrists and launching 60 yard bombs right in the breadbasket.

Milton finished with 251 yards and three touchdowns, Squirrel White (what a damn name) had nine catches for 108 yards and a tuddy, and the Vols' offense put up nearly 400 yards.

Now, some will argue that the Tigers actually did a good job here, and that's fine. Maybe if their field goal kicker didn't miss 15 chip-shots before halftime the game would've looked way different.

But don't tell that to Joe and Squirrel, who can't help but snicker when asked about Clemson's vaunted defense. Maybe that crap works in the ACC, but this is SEC country, baby!

It just means more.

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