Snow On The Ground AND In The Forecast For Several College Football Games

It's the second Saturday of November, and we officially have snow on the ground AND in the forecast for several game today, including Ohio State.

I repeat .. we have snow on the ground, people. We finally have football weather!

Don't know if you've noticed, but a massive cold front barreled through the country this week. It was like 90 degrees in the Midwest on Wednesday, and now we have icicles on the goalposts in Arkansas.

What a time to be alive.

Snow in forecast for Ohio State, Michigan games

Arkansas hosts LSU later today with temperatures forecast to be around 40 degrees. Unfortunately, we won't get any snow during the game, but that may not be the case everywhere ...

Snow IS in the forecast for today's Indiana-Ohio State game in Columbus, with a "wintry mix" in the forecast over in Ann Arbor as Michigan hosts Nebraska.

Love it.

You know it's PEAK college football season when you flip over to a noon Ohio State game and flurries are sticking to the camera as Gus Johnson screams through the snow.

THAT's when you know the College Football Playoffs are right around the corner and it's crunch time around the league.

Buckle up, and bundle up. Winter is coming.

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