Shedeur Sanders Calls Out Lies In College Football While Defending Deion's Louis Vuitton Luggage Speech At Colorado

Wherever Deion Sanders goes, opinions are sure to follow. That has certainly been the case in Coach Prime's first few months at Colorado.

The 55-year-old Pro Football Hall of Famer pulled up to Boulder and immediately made his presence felt in more ways than one. Not only is he already breathing life into a program that has been largely irrelevant since the turn of the century, he isn't afraid to speak candidly.

Sanders is going to say what he wants to say. Period. Even if it ruffles some feathers along the way.

In fact, the first thing that Coach Prime told his new players is that they should leave if they are not scared of competition, or if they are not good enough to play for his team. He told his new players that he was "bringing his Louis Vuitton luggage" with him to the program, meaning that he was going to add a bunch of talent through the transfer portal.

The comment led to a lot of debate over whether it was the appropriate way to approach the situation— especially considering that it was Sanders' first meeting with the team.

That is certainly the case already. The Buffaloes added 25 (!!) transfers before the portal closed, including multiple former SEC players like four-star Alabama linebacker Demouy Kennedy, former No. 1 overall recruit Travis Hunter, and Shedeur Sanders, who will start at quarterback.

Shedeur, the youngest of Deion's three sons, was a former four-star recruit and started each of the last two years at Jackson State. He is considered a piece of the "Louis luggage."

Shedeur Sanders backed the sentiments of Deion Sanders' first address.

Where a lot of people may have found Coach Prime's comments about the transfer portal to be abrasive or unnecessary, his star quarterback son appreciates the honesty. Shedeur likes how his dad called it how it was/is, rather than lying to keep players around with false hope.

It's not a hard message, because here's the thing: A lot of people are used to being lied to. The players coming in, they're coming to play — they're not coming to sit. So if you've been here, you're chilling, you're thinking your spot's good, that's not the case. You've got guys wanting to play with top talent, each and every position. Nowadays, a lot of people are scared of the truth, and they don't like hearing that.

In a world where sensitivity often becomes a driving force of day-to-day interaction and feelings come first, Sanders' candor is refreshing. And in the modern era of college football, that goes a long way.

Coaches across the country are constantly stretching the truth in the name of depth and/or talent. Recruiting, by nature, comes with a large amount of false promises. The transfer portal frequently creates contention.

Not at Colorado. Deion Sanders is coming, and he is bringing his no-nonsense approach with him.