SEC Ball Boy Searches For His Beanie After Kentucky Player Snatches Hat Right Off Of His Head During Sideline Skirmish

An SEC ball boy is on the hunt for his beanie after a Kentucky player snatched it off of his head during an embarrassing loss to Vanderbilt on Saturday. He just wants his hat back.

Arrington, who went to MTSU, lives in Nashville and roots for the Commodores. As such, he wore a gold beanie on the sideline during a cold game in Lexington while helping out with game day operations.

However, early in the fourth quarter, that gold beanie disappeared during a skirmish.

The visiting Wildcats, who entered the game in desperate need of a confident win over a team that had not won a conference game in 26 tries, was not able to find that much-needed victory. Instead, head coach Mark Stoops missed out on millions, while Clark Lea and Vanderbilt snapped a brutal SEC losing streak by upsetting the No. 24-ranked team.

It was a chippy game from start to finish. Especially as Kentucky struggled late.

And then a sideline skirmish between Kentucky and Vanderbilt ended with a beanie snatch.

Early in the fourth quarter, a tackle was made near the Wildcats sideline and finished out of bounds. As the Commodores got up from the play, the visitors were quick to jump all over them.

Perhaps they were irritated with the timing and positioning of the hit. Or perhaps they were letting out some of their frustration. Either way, Arrington was caught right in the middle of the entire skirmish.

While the two sides went back and forth with pushing and shoving, one of the Kentucky players reached out and pulled Arrington's beanie right off of his head. The former quickly turned around like a giddy school kid who was proud of his prank, while the latter was baffled.

Arrington looked all around for his beanie in disbelief that he could not find it anywhere. That continues to be the case. He never got it back and is asking Kentucky and Vanderbilt to help him out.