Mark Stoops, Who Thinks Kentucky Is A Football School, Misses Out On Millions After Losing To Vandy

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Mark Stoops, who for some reason thinks Kentucky is a football school, didn’t just lose to Vanderbilt in embarrassing fashion on Saturday.

He also lost the chance at a boatload of money along the way.

Oh no, Mark! Chin up, big guy. Don’t worry, you can get ’em back next week against …


Never mind.

Maybe keep some of those Amazon Christmas gifts in the cart for a few weeks and see if you can squeak by Louisville in the season-finale? Don’t know, probably a smart move.

Man. Could you imagine being so close to a sweet $8.25 million extension AND a little $250K bonus and then lose to a Vanderbilt team that hadn’t beaten an SEC team in 26 games?

I’m not sure there’s a worse way to spend three hours on a Saturday.

Mark Stoops started the day thinking he was gonna be wining and dining at Ruth’s Chris for a celebratory dinner, and now he’s driving through the McDonalds on the way home.

Hey, it’s McRib season, though!

Mark Stoops and Kentucky lost to Vanderbilt.
Kentucky coach Mark Stoops lost a lot of money thanks to Vandy loss. (Photo by Jeff Moreland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Kentucky fans are done with Mark Stoops after Vanderbilt loss

Not only does Stoops have to wait at least another week (but definitely two weeks) to try and grab that money, but he’s also being torched on social media.

Kentucky fans are obviously LIVID at everyone associated with the program right now, and calling for Stoops’ head.

Not great!

Written by Zach Dean

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