Scott Frost Accepts Ryan Day's Apology As Their Bromance Continues To Blossom

Last week, we told you that Ryan Day and Scott Frost joined together to form a Mega Powers friendship in the fight to save Big Ten football. Their bond is now so strong that Frost says he'll become an Ohio State fan now that his team has already played them.

However, their magic was tested late in the fourth quarter when Ohio State had backup quarterback Jack Miller run a keeper into the endzone with 18 seconds remaining. The extra point made the final score 52-17.

Day apologized to Frost during the postgame press conference: "I feel bad about that. I had a younger quarterback in the game, and I didn't feel like we had the personnel to take the knee, and I probably should have done that. So I just want to publicly apologize to them, to Scott."

Monday, Frost not only accepted the apology, he reaffirmed his admiration for Day and his team: “I'm going to root for them in every single game expect this first one, because I'm grateful to them going shoulder to shoulder to get (Big Ten football) back.”

Frost also mentioned that "If we want the score to be different, we need to play better."

It's clear that neither man is willing to risk their budding friendship over a little thing like running up the score.

Friends for life. COVID brought Day and Frost together. COVID blood is thicker than water:


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