RGIII Shows Great Restraint By Not Making Sex Joke As Nebraska Wide Receiver Takes Helmet To Groin During Weird Tackle

RGIII has captured the ears of an entire nation with his outlandish, hilarious college football broadcasts. He was back at it again this weekend, but showed great restraint during a bizarre tackle that resulted in an uncomfortable incident.

Griffin has been in the booth with Mark Jones over the course of 2022. On multiple occasions throughout the year, the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner went off of the rails.

He made multiple, WILD sexual innuendos during the first few weeks, followed it up with a Dodgeball reference, made Beaver jokes at Oregon State, and roasted a Cincinnati tight end for his attempt at 'The Griddy' last week. Needless to say, RGII is not holding back.

Except for when he did during Saturday's game between Michigan and Nebraska, which required a furry hat to keep him warm.

Midway through the second quarter, RGIII was up to his usual antics. When a fumble was reviewed to see if the Wolverines player was down before losing the ball, he made reference to his butt cheek hitting the turf and even created a fun little rhyme.

Not long thereafter, Griffin was presented the perfect opportunity for another one of his quips. Instead, he let the bizarre play speak for itself.

RGIII shows rare restraint in tailor-made situation.

Nebraska wide receiver Alante Brown caught a pass, turned up field and tried to go airborne up-and-over a Michigan defender. As he did, the defensive back popped up and laid a hit directly to Brown's groin. It sent him spiraling into the air and he was tackled awkwardly onto the turf.

Where RGIII wanted so badly to crack a joke about the helmet-to-family jewels situation, he held off.

Although he kept from laughing on the air, Griffin could not help himself. He took to Twitter and let it rip.

Wherever RGIII goes, hilarity follows!