RGIII Continues His Reign Of Terror During Pac-12 After Dark, Drops Another WILD Sexual Reference About Oregon State Beavers

RGIII has been on one this season. The former Heisman Trophy winner has decided that he is not going to hold back during his broadcasts and continues to be absolutely wild on-air.

Earlier this year, Griffin said that Michigan was having an "orgy in the end zone" and used Michael Penix Jr.'s last name for a phallic quip. Last weekend, he worked in a 'Dodgeball' movie quote, talked about ballsmanship, and jabbed at Aaron Judge's home run record chase.

On Saturday, RGIII might have dropped his most blatant, most outlandish innuendo yet. He was on the call for Oregon State's road game against Stanford and used the visiting team's mascot in a very sexual way.

After the OSU running back got licked, Griffin said that the Cardinal defender "beat that Beaver up."

If you do not get the joke, Urban Dictionary's definition of "beaver" may be able to help you out. Basically, his double entendre was about intercourse. It was a truly wild line to drop on a national television broadcast.

In addition, nobody in college football media is having more fun than the former Baylor quarterback. RGIII even joined Stanford's famously wacky band during its pregame rally.

When RGIII is not in the booth, he is being just as wild online. He is leaning all of the way into his new-found virility and is not holding back. Earlier this week, Griffin got into a spat with LeSean McCoy and put him in a body bag, and he consistently tweets things like this:

RGIII's shtick may eventually run its course. It could get old very fast.

However, it has definitely not reached that point yet. Any time that Griffin is on the call, the broadcast gets infinitely better. He knows the game as well as anyone else in the business and keeps the audience on its toes with his jokes.