Prepare For College Football's First Full-Slate Saturday With The Best Of OutKick This Week

Here at OutKick, we aim to give the people what they want. And we know that what you want more than anything is football. Especially college football.

We've been gearing up all week for the true start of college football, which kicked off Thursday with exciting wins by Penn State and Pitt over Purdue and West Virginia, respectively, but the true action starts Saturday.

With that in mind, here are some of the best stories from OutKick this week to get you geared up to sit on your couch all Saturday long.

Spencer Rattler Makes First Start For South Carolina; Done Talking About Oklahoma

Spencer Rattler announced that he was leaving Oklahoma and entered the transfer portal on Nov. 29, 2021. That was 275 days ago, which in the college football world, is more like a decade.

In addition, Rattler is set to make his debut as the starting quarterback at South Carolina on Saturday. And yet, for some reason, he is still being asked about his time with the Sooners.

During what was presumably his last post-practice press conference before taking the field for the Gamecocks, a reporter asked Rattler a question that had nothing to do with the upcoming game or his current team.

Rattler politely, but firmly, denied Kornblut a complete answer. He also indirectly asked that the media stop asking him about his time in Norman.

OutKick's Trey Wallace Outlines An Exciting Week 1 In The SEC

Trey answers the big questions from around the league, like can Oregon even keep it close against the defending champion Georgia Bulldogs? Will Billy Napier be able to pull off an upset victory to start his Florida career?

Plus, why this weekend is massive for LSU and Arkansas.

ESPN's Desmond Howard Makes Embarrassing CFP Predictions

"What a slate of teams! Predictably, Howard has Michigan in the Final Four. That one was obvious, and, frankly, not an awful pick.

The Wolverines were a playoff team last year, although they did get destroyed by Georgia, 34-11, in the semifinals.

That’s fine. Howard’s a Michigan legend, so we’ll let that one slide. But how about those other three teams? Baylor, Texas A&M and Pittsburgh.

There’s outside the box, and then there’s OUTSIDE THE DAMN BOX!

No Alabama. No Georgia. No Ohio State. No Clemson. No Notre Dame.

We’re riding with Baylor, A&M and Pittsburgh, baby! Let’s get wild."

A Kid Who Graduated High School Ten Years Ago Will Make His Second Start At Quarterback For North Texas

"Austin Aune is the North Texas starting quarterback and he graduated high school in 2012. Born in 1993, he will turn 29 years old on Tuesday.

Now, as someone who is at least six years older than most of his Mean Green teammates, Aune is only a junior. To put his age in perspective, North Texas has three true freshman wide receivers who graduated high school in 2022, ten years after their QB donned the cap-and-gown."

Nick Saban Is Already In Mid-Season Media Form

Alabama football coach Nick Saban is on a roll before the season has even officially started.

The Crimson Tide open against Utah State this Saturday at 7:30 pm EST, and Alabama is expected to absolutely obliterate the Aggies.

However, Saban doesn’t want to hear one single word about the rest of the season. All he cares about is what is going to happen Saturday night.

“Can’t you figure out something better to do than that? I mean, come on. We’ve got to play one game at a time. How can Alabama lose to this team? How can this team beat Alabama? Three months from now, who gives a sh*t? I mean, how about this game? How about the church of what’s happening now? Can we focus on what’s happening now? How come nobody’s interested in that? How come we have to go all the way,” Saban said as he tore about the media and people adding extra pressure to the program.

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