Pitt Coach Pat Narduzzi Attempts To Clarify Insane Comments About The Big Ten

Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi has attempted to clarify his comments about the Big Ten.

Narduzzi created some waves in the world of college football when claimed the Panthers could jump to the B1G and win it "every year." His comments were in reaction to the Panthers losing a bowl game to Michigan State with Kenny Pickett not playing.

Now, he's attempting to clarify/walk back his comments.

"You hear all these things during the summer about the Power 2s and all this stuff. We'll just start there. You know, we play some darn good football in the ACC, and I think people forget about it," Narduzzi said Thursday when addressing his comments, according to ESPN.

The Pitt coach further added, "I've coached in the Big Ten for eight years, so I know it. I feel very confident -- and, again, it's not being arrogant. It's just kind of knowing the landscape and knowing what we played against in the Peach Bowl. That's just confidence. That's no disrespect to the Big Ten or Michigan State. It's just about Pitt and about the ACC. I think ACC football is really, really good, and that's really the comment there that I was trying to get across."

Clearly, Pat Narduzzi noticed the internet engulfing him in fire after he decided to take an incredibly bizarre and unnecessary shot at Michigan State and the Big Ten.

It made no sense when he said it, and he painted himself into a corner. I'm not sure his clarification will accomplish much.

The reality of the situation is what it is. The ACC is at best a distant third to the Big Ten and the SEC. Pitt's historical record against B1G competition is also atrocious.

The Panthers are 5-19-1 against Ohio State, 43-53-4 against Penn State, 0-7-1 against Michigan State, 0-2 against Michigan and 2-7 against Indiana!

As the kids like to say, Pitt doesn't want any of the Big Ten's smoke. If the Panthers think they do, schedule a few out of conference games against Wisconsin, Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan and Michigan State and see what happens!

Pitt had a great 2021 season, but Narduzzi should definitely tap the brakes before continuing to poke the bear!