Peyton And Eli Manning Paid Visit To Notre Dame's Football Team

Though Notre Dame seems unlikely to land prized-recruit Arch Manning, the storied program was able to lure his famous uncles, Peyton and Eli, to South Bend.

At the request of first-year head coach Marcus Freeman, the brothers Manning visited the school a few weeks ago to speak to the Irish football team. While on campus, Peyton and Eli discussed, amongst other topics, the importance of good practice habits and what it means to be a good teammate.

Cameras captured both Peyton and Eli delivering their message and it's since been confirmed that the footage will be used for an upcoming episode of "Peyton's Places," on ESPN.

Peyton's words of wisdom to Irish players centered around the team's best players. And more specifically, their work ethic. "The best teams I've played on, our best players practiced the hardest," said Manning. "Everyday. They set the example everyday."

Before handing the floor to Eli, Peyton mentioned what it takes to wear one of the storied gold helmets: "Talented players that are unselfish and set the example of the building is what it's gonna take to be a Notre Dame football player."

Eli's approach was based on winning and working hard for someone other than yourself, your teammates. "It's not just about you," said Eli. "You have players that are unselfish, they wanna do it for other people because they've seen how hard they work, the commitment, the motivation, everything they've done to try and win a championship."

The younger of the Manning QBs then added: "That feeling's contagious. When the whole team has it. They have other people they want to win for - that's when you get great things."

How Freeman was able to land two notable quarterbacks to speak at Notre Dame, without either of them having any ties to the Irish, is anyone's guess.

Chalk it up to Luck of the Irish.

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