OutKick The Tailgate: Enticing Coaching Matchup Headlines Tennessee vs. Ole Miss

Lane Kiffin's return to Tennessee, facing off against Josh Heupel's Vols, has shifted from becoming the Manningcast matchup to an anticipated spree of offense after weeks of outstanding play calling from the head coaches.

The OutKick the Tailgate crew breaks down how the standoff between two top-tier offenses will result in Saturday evening's game at Neyland.

"It's tempo against tempo; it's Kiffin against Heupel. They both scheme open plays very well," OutKick 360's Jonathan Hutton explains. "It's Matt Corral against Hendon Hooker. ... To steal a line from Chad Withrow, the only thing missing in this game is sweet tea on the sidelines."

Jill Savage adds that the revamped Tennessee offense, led by Hendon Hooker, has already usurped the 2020 squad — giving the Vols a new edge against opposing defenses. "They found something that works in that offense. Hendon Hooker is looking excellent; he looks more comfortable every week. ... This is going to be a fun one."

"This is a different team, there's a different energy about this team," Chad Withrow comments. "There is a different quarterback and that right now is the key. That is the engine that gets them going. You're witnessing right now two head coaches who are very good quarterback developers. The play-calling ability, really of both of these guys, they've got a knack for.

"Josh Heupel's one of those guys. I think you either have it or you don't. You have that in-game instinct on play calling or you don't. ... I think Heupel's got it."

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