Nick Saban Has The Perfect Solution To Prevent Opposing Fans From Rushing The Field

The SEC has fined two schools this season for rushing the field, LSU and Tennessee. Besides a few Tiger fans storming onto the playing surface after the Ole Miss win, these incidents have mainly centered around Alabama and Nick Saban.

It was just over a week ago when the SEC announced they would put together a committee to review ways to protect the football teams, along with the participating school, when fans storm the field. The fines that the conference gives out after every on-field incident is currently not a deterrent. But, we also have to look at the situations. Consider that Tennessee beat Alabama for the first time in 15 years, while LSU upset the Tide' last week in dramatic fashion.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban seems to have the perfect solution on how to keep fans from causing chaos on the field.

"Win. If we win, they don't do it. They don't do it at other games, they only do it when they beat us. So if we just win, we wouldn't have a problem.'

This actually makes a ton of sense, in a sarcastic type of way. Yes, we've seen fans rush the field after beating other opponents beside Alabama. But the Tide' head coach decided to have some fun with the question. If Alabama would just stop losing on the road, maybe we could prevent these things from happening.

Greg Sankey Statement On The Review Panel

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey sent out a release on the review panel, while mentioning the safety and security of all involved.

"Providing consistent and appropriate levels of safety and security remains the common goal of SEC member institutions. "Our institutions remain current and vigilant in crowd control best practices and continue to work with local law enforcement to develop effective security protocols at SEC venues and we need to continue the adaptation of conference policies to address emerging realities."

How This Conversation Was Ramped Up With Nick Saban

The conversation ramped up over the past month due to the Jermaine Burton situation. Burton was seen stricking a female Tennessee fan. Following the incident, Nick Saban said that he was scared in the moment, along with the coaching staff and other players. You can judge for yourself, but opinions have varied on social media.


In talking with several folks regarding the matter, the SEC could end up raising the fines. LSU was hit with a $250,000 penalty last week, for the second time this season.

For now, let's see who else pulls off an upset, sending fans onto the field. We've got three weeks left of field-storming opportunities.

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