Reporter Ian Rapoport Tweets About Player Injury From 'Pain Tolerance Test,' League Forces Quick Backtrack and NFL Network Reporter Ian Rapoport is among the most respected in the media business. Plus, as an NFL employee, he gets backed by the league.

But not Sunday afternoon. Rapoport tweeted that Florida offensive line prospect Richard Gouraige woke up with a swollen ankle Sunday morning. He would not be able to participate in NFL Combine drills on Sunday because of the injury.

So far, no problems. But how did Gouraige hurt his ankle? According to Rapoport, he suffered the ailment during a "pain tolerance test."

What the heck is a pain tolerance test? That's what most people wanted to know. And they had jokes.

Ian Rapoport quickly backtracks thanks to a nudge from the NFL

A few hours later, Rapoport was forced to tweet a correction.

This raises more questions, though. At least a "pain tolerance test" explains how a player got a swollen ankle. How did he hurt himself during a routine physical exam?

This is a young, strong and elite athlete. Who got hurt ... during an exam?

Either this kid isn't built for the NFL or the league's exam process has some major flaws.

Richard Gouraige better hope it isn't the former.

But, the league better hope even harder it's not the latter.

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