Jaden Rashada Was Set To Make $500K Upfront At Florida, With An NIL Contract To Pay Him Almost $14 Million

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The Jaden Rashada saga at Florida came to an end last month. The controversy surrounding his NIL deal has been magnified once again. What is now the Wild West in recruiting, newly released contract information has shed light on how much the young man was going to make.

As previously reported by OutKick, the Florida collective had to pay six figures to Miami’s collective for money already paid for services rendered. The Gators were getting a quarterback that was highly touted, and in return, Jaden Rashada agreed to a monster contract with the group.

The contract has been the talk of college football over the past month, and reported to be over $13.8 million for four years. Well, we now have the details of the contract, with figures that will blow the mind of some folks around the country.

According to ‘The Athletic’, Rashada signed his NIL contract on November 11th. The details of this agreement are staggering. The first payment to Rashada was set to be $500,000 ‘up-front’, with his payments increasing over time. The contract called for Jaden to be paid $250,000 a month during his freshman season. Then, the payment would be $291,666 for his sophomore year, bumping up to $375,000 per month as a junior.

ORLANDO, FL – JANUARY 03: Team Speed quarterback Jaden Rashada (5) before the Under Armour Next All-America Football Gameon January 03, 2023, at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL. (Photo by Chris Leduc/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Yes, these numbers are pretty insane. But, this also shows how greedy some of the folks around Rashada were getting. So, what are a player’s obligations for a contract like this? Not as much work as you’d probably imagine.

The report states that Rashada had to live in Gainesville, post on twitter and instagram once a month, sign some autographs and appear at eight events per year. Yes, that’s it, besides playing football for Florida.

In the contract, according to the report, it does state that the collective can terminate the agreement “in its sole and absolute discretion”. This means that the group could tear up the contract if they didn’t feel like it was bringing in a return on investment.

What The Former Jaden Rashada Deal Represents

If it weren’t for a few greedy boosters who decided they wanted to get their way when it came to this 4-star quarterback, he would probably be at Florida right now. The contract for Rashada was agreed upon by a Florida booster, who was willing at the time to put up the money. But according to sources, the booster had buyers remorse and backed out of the deal.

This put the Gator Collective in a very bad spot, terminating the contract in early December. What were they supposed to do? If someone agrees to put up the NIL money, but then backs out and the collective can’t afford it, empty promises will only make it work. So, the two sides went back to the drawing table, trying to come up with a deal that would be suitable for both parties.

But let’s be honest. After almost $14 million dollars is promised to you, nothing would have come close to that figure in the new negotiations.

Now that Jaden Rashada has signed with Arizona State, maybe both parties can move on, or maybe not. There is still the possibility that Jaden’s family could sue all parties involved for fumbling the contract. As for whether or not Rashada is making anywhere near the original amount of money playing for the Sun Devils, one source had this to say.

“That was one of the craziest NIL recruitments, due to the gentlemen trying to outbid each other. There’s no way he’s getting that type of money at Arizona State. Right now, Jaden needs to focus on football and let his group decide if there will be fallout from Florida”

Unfortunately for Jaden Rashada, it was the grown ups that put him in this situation from the start.

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  1. First off, you are worth what someone is willing to pay. If someone wanted to pay this kid $14 million to play QB at Florida, good for him. But, the second part is the bigger question mark. The contract sounds unenforceable to some degree, as the collective can terminate the deal whenever they want, for any reason whatsoever. So that $14 is not $14 million and that deal sounds worse than the NFL being able to waive a player. Probably good Rashada walked

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