Nebraska's Interim Head Coach Has A Hilarious Bonus In His Contract

Nebraska interim head coach Mickey Joseph will earn a huge bonus if the Cornhuskers win the national title.

Joseph is being paid an extra $33,340 a month on top of his original $600,000 salary for taking over after Scott Frost got fired, according to Rivals.

However, that's not the most interesting part about the contract. If Mickey Joseph leads the Cornhuskers to a national title, the school will owe him a $650,000 bonus.

Seeing as how Nebraska is 1-3, Nebraska could have offered him a $1 billion bonus for a national title victory and it wouldn't matter. There's nothing Nebraska can do to sniff the CFP at this point.

Mickey Joseph has no shot of collecting a national title bonus.

The fact Nebraska even bothered putting in a bonus for the national title into the contract is hilarious. The Cornhuskers were 1-2 when Joseph took over.

There was no way he was getting to the CFP before he even coached as single game as the interim leader. Even if Nebraska won out and won the Big Ten with a final record of 11-2, they still wouldn't get in.

The Cornhuskers lost to Northwestern and Georgia Southern. That's all anyone needs to know.

It's also interesting to note that if Mickey Joseph isn't selected as the team's new head coach, he will automatically be the associate head coach again in 2023.

So, whoever Nebraska hires has to be okay with Joseph remaining on staff. That's not something you often see.

He should enjoy his big monthly bump and buy himself a couple cold beers because that national title bonus is never coming.

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