Nat'l Champs UCF Schedules Gators In Three-Game Series

The UCF Knights and Florida Gators are reportedly close to finalizing a three-game series to prove once and for all who rules the Sunshine State. Co-national champions in 2017, the Knights appear ready to leave the cozy confines of the Bounce House and pillage a few neighboring villages en route to another title. Lowly Gainesville appears to be their first stop; will Tallahassee and Miami be next?

According to the Orlando Sentinel, UCF and Florida are "apparently close" to signing a contract for a three-game series, with "two of the games being in Gainesville and one in Orlando."

If you are a Florida man or woman with a penchant for dangerous activities involving drugs or wild animals, and you would like to watch these games, you will want to put down the pipe and walk away from the snake. Longevity is what you will ultimately need to see this series through to the end, as the games are scheduled for 2024 (UF home), 2030 (UCF home), and 2033 (UF home). That’s right, the last game is twelve years away, and will be hard to watch from the inside of prison. So take a page out of the Gators’ 2006 playbook (the last time these two teams met), get on the straight-and-narrow path, and stay out of trouble. (2033!)

New UCF AD Terry Mohajir has said he wants to schedule more football games against top opponents. UCF and UF have talked in recent years but, nothing ever came from it. Mohajir, though, has said that he does have a past relationship with UF AD Scott Stricklin.

"We were on the (playoff) committee together and I got to know him over the last couple of years," Mohajir said in February after he got the UCF job. "I’ve talked to Scott over the years when he was at Mississippi State and Florida about scheduling. So we’ve talked about scheduling, so it’d be no stranger for us to have a dialogue about scheduling.”

Judging from the initial Twitter reactions, the UCF faithful seem extremely excited about the scheduling. This is no surprise really, as the best are always ready to play the best. UCF is also Florida’s largest school by enrollment, so that’s a pretty big army of winners UF will have to face. Good luck, Gators, you’re going to need it.