Mike Leach & Mississippi State Keep Gas Pedal Mashed, Release Bandwagon Hype Video

Mike Leach won the week Monday when he started the day on Outkick with Clay asking the 1-0 coach about wearing a pirate costume to the Mississippi State-Alabama game on Halloween. “I haven’t really thought about that. That would be kinda wild. Nick does seem like the type of guy that would get into some costume play.”

Then it was time for Leach's weekly availability with the media where a New York Times reporter wanted a mask war with the old salty dog. It didn't go well for the Times reporter.

At some point, while all of that was going on, Mississippi State dropped a jump on the bandwagon hype video complete with an MSU pirate eyepatch flag, Leach holding a pirate-themed cowbell and asking fans, "Looking for a bandwagon?"

"Hop on," Leach says.

Instant goosebumps. It's perfect SEC theater.

Imagine if a full house was allowed this week at Davis Wade Stadium in StarkVegas for the Arkansas game and Leach promising to throw it 60 times. More goosebumps. Add in all this "Don't give up the ship" mentality from Leach and you have the makings of a hysteria. Of course COVID wouldn't allow us that fun, but we'll have to make do with what Leach is already building after one game.

Meanwhile, over at Ole Miss, Lane Kiffin tries to counter. There's the top of the SEC filled with the executives, the money managers, the guys who make the big calls and then there's what's going on in Mississippi where it's fun and has all the makings of a classic 30 for 30 that will air 10 years down the road.


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