Michigan Quarterback Joe Milton Draws Comparison to Former MVP from Matt Leinart

With the Big Ten coming back -- thanks to President Trump -- the conference and its players was front and center this morning on the pregame shows. Former USC quarterback Matt Leinart wasted no time in making some serious comparisons.

First up, he drew linked former five-star recruit, Heisman winner, No. 1 pick, NFL MVP Cam Newton to Michigan quarterback, Joe Milton.

“Every year going into the season, Michigan is one of the top teams in college football,” Leinart said. “They just can’t get over that hump and beat Ohio State. Joe Milton, the starting quarterback, what are we going to see from him? He’s a big dude, 6-foot-5, 245 pounds. He kind of reminds me of the Cam Newton build. I’m not saying he’s Cam Newton, great arm and can run. Josh Gattis in year two calling plays, how does that marriage work? It’s going to be really interesting to see Michigan, if they can start fast if he grows fast, maybe they’re a contender when it’s all said and done.”

If you are wondering who Milton is, well he has appeared in seven games for the Wolverines and has 117 passing yards. He added 47 rushing yards and three total touchdowns.

He is, however, also listed at 6-foot-5, 234 pounds. Cam won the Heisman at 6-foot-6, 250 pounds. So it isn't that wild of a body type comparison.

This season, Milton is expected to shine and -- perhaps -- fulfill those lofty expectations. He earned the job in fall camp by winning a quarterback competition between Dylan McCaffrey. This McCaffrey transferring and putting Milton in the spotlight.

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