Florida Superfan, Country Singer Michael Ray Joins OutKick The Tailgate To Share Why He Loves CFB, Dan Mullen's Gators

"You've never seen a dog beat a gator ... unless it's in football."

The quote of the day goes to country singer Michael Ray, joining the OutKick The Tailgate crew Saturday morning to talk why he loves the atmosphere of college football, notably the Gators down in Gainesville.

Recapping their narrow 49-42 loss against LSU, Ray shared his heightened hopes of pulling off the comeback effort once AR-15 hit the field.

"I really thought we were coming back strong," said Ray. "LSU's got such a great team. It was a good game, I though we were coming back in that third quarter. I was talking a lil' smack to some friends, and then they came back and beat us."

He also discussed what makes the college football scene unlike anything in sports.

"What I love about college football and college sports in general is that pride ... when you go to those college towns and play those college bars they bring that energy to those bars. They have pride that you're coming to their town.

"One thing about Gainesville and UF, it's all about the people. It's the energy of that school, there's something about being in that swamp, and just like any other college, you've got that pride and colors. ... Gainesville isn't Athens or Knoxville, but it has its good spots man."

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