Everyone At Texas A&M Has The Flu And Several Players Could Miss Florida Game

If you still have time, you may wanna throw some money down on the Florida Gators today, who play in College Station against Texas A&M.

Yep. That terrible game that means absolutely nothing in the SEC because both teams are horrible may actually be one worth paying attention to ... because you may have an edge!

Apparently, the dreaded flu bug is running RAMPANT through the Aggies' locker room right now, and multiple players - including QB Conner Weigman - may not play.

Conner Weigman one of several Texas A&M player who could miss Florida game

It's flu season, boys and girls, and that means you have to be on your toes. Not only is it tearing up the A&M locker room, but just campus altogether.


Anyway, kickoff is set for noon just so we can get this thing over and done with before the real games actually start, but I'd suggest taking a little slice of the UF pie if you still can.

Anthony Richardson looked pretty decent last week, the team showed a little fight in the second half against Georgia, and all of a sudden you have no clue who's suiting up for Jimbo's team.

Weigman, by the way, is coming off a MONSTER game last week against Ole Miss, throwing for 338 yards and four touchdowns. Probably want that cat in the lineup.

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