Ed Reed Calls Out Shannon Sharpe With Screenshots Over Bethune-Cookman Fallout, Tells Him 'Put The Hennessy Down'

Ed Reed has turned on Shannon Sharpe.

The former (?) Bethune-Cookman head football coach fired up the social media machine for the first time in a few days Wednesday night, and decided to take aim at a fellow NFL Hall of Famer.

Sharpe, for those who missed it, addressed Reed's dismissal from Bethune earlier this week on FS1's Undisputed. You can watch the clip below, but, frankly, Sharpe didn't really say anything bad about Reed at all.

Essentially, he says what pretty much everyone and their mother have said for nearly a week now: Reed's intentions were good. The way he delivered the messages - two viral outbursts on Instagram Live - needed to be better.

That's pretty much the gist of it before Skip Bayless comes in with a, "I'm gonna need you to help me through this," which is pretty funny on its own given the fact that they're talking about an HBCU.

Anyway, all that to say that Reed clearly took exception to Shannon Sharpe's opinion on the situation and called out our guy on Instagram ... with screenshots!

"Let’s talk @shannonsharpe84 we locked in We wanna coach! #coachcane," Reed wrote with two attached DMs from Sharpe.

Oh, you thought you were gonna keep Ed Reed down for this long without him finding his way back to Instagram?! Nope. Can't keep coach down forever, fellas.

In fact, Reed also fired up the Instagram Live machine AGAIN Wednesday night and doubled down on poor Shannon.

"Put the Hennessy down and come holla at me," Reed says. "Cause you got your story wrong."

Ed Reed takes down Reggie Theus, Shannon Sharpe in Instagram Live

Amazing. I thought when Reed took a blowtorch to Bethune-Cookman on his way out of town last weekend that would be the end of the #content, but boy was I wrong. It was just the beginning!

The school, by the way, is starting to fight back, too.

Hours before Reed's Instagram Live Wednesday night, B-CU AD Reggie Theus fired back at Reed's claims last week that the administration doesn't care about its students.

“When you start to say our administration doesn’t care about these kids, you are dead wrong," Theus, a former NBA star, said in an interview with HBCU Gameday. "To see him trash our administration, it disturbs me. He has no right nor reason to do that.

“Ed was completely aware of our situation at Bethune-Cookman,” Theus continued “I showed him every single thing that was good about the program, and every single thing that was not good. There was no excuse for him to act like he was shocked.

“He acted like he didn’t know, but he knew. He knew everything, because I told him.”

Reed, by the way, also took aim at Theus during his video Wednesday night, calling for the NBA to open their eyes at what the former Orlando Magic star is doing at Bethune.

Not sure what that means or what that will do, but I'm here for it.

Buckle up. No SHOT we're anywhere close to being done with this yet.

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