Does Ohio State's Kicker Have The Best Hair In College Football?

Ohio State kicker Noah Ruggles' hair oozes swag.

The sixth-year senior is gearing up for another season of college action, and his hair should intimidate the hell out of any and all opponents.

Feast your eyes on his epic and glorious mullet below. It's almost too much to soak up at once.

I'm a rabid Wisconsin fan. I love the Badgers, and from birth, I've hated Ohio State. Hating the Buckeyes is written into my DNA.

It's who I am. It's what I do. However, even I can admit that hair is glorious. It's the stuff of legend.

It takes a very special kind of man to rock a mullet. You must have confidence words can't even describe.

Why? It's pretty simple. A mullet changes a man. It changes the way you act. It changes the way you carry yourself. Only the most elite bros can handle it. An unprepared man will be destroyed by a mullet.

Something tells me Ruggles doesn't have that issue. He's dominating the look. Even as a Wisconsin loyalist, I'm man enough to admit it.

Is it the best hair in college football? Let us know in the comments!