Deion Sanders Doesn't Care About Your Feelings, He Was Hired To Make Colorado Relevant Again

Standing at the podium on Sunday afternoon in Boulder, Deion Sanders made it clear that he's there to win. Obviously that's the point of the hire. But Colorado also needed a shot in the arm to its football program, which 'PrimeTime' has already provided.

The conversation about his talk with current players is something that happens every year in college football, just not with the cameras on. Everything Deion Sanders said to the current Colorado players is true, including the part of bringing in players to help the program. We are in a new era, filled with NIL, collectives and opportunities for players to brand themselves like we've never seen before.

If you thought Deion was going to come into the room and give a motivational speech on turning the program around with hard work, you haven't been paying attention. Sanders turned Jackson State into a household name, especially the way his team did it. And not just his football team, but the staff around him. Every time you searched Jackson State, there was Deion and players in the locker room having fun on camera. But, we can't forget that this is a business and the only way for him to succeed is by moving up the ladder.

Who are we to tell Deion Sanders that he Colorado job isn't the right fit? He will make it the right fit and if he doesn't, he'll be fired. This was Sanders taking a chance on himself, while Colorado takes a chance on the future before the playoff expands.

Deion Sanders Told Team To Hit The Portal

While addressing the football players that were still on campus, Deion didn't hold back on what he expected from them in the future. He called out the players that weren't there, while letting it be known that he was bringing in transfers. Oh, and he made it a point to mention that if you aren't ready for the changes to come, then hit the transfer portal.

"It ain’t gonna be no more of a mess that these wonderful fans, the student body and some of your parents have put up with for probably two decades now. I’m coming, and when I get here, it’s gonna be changed,” Sanders told some of the Colorado players. “So I want y’all to get ready to go ahead and jump in the portal and do whatever you’re gonna get because if more of you jump in, the more room you make.”

You can laugh at this, argue about it or dissect it a hundred times, but Deion is right. There's no reason to sugarcoat something that you already know to be true. If the current players want to be a part of the 2023 team, they'll have to earn it. I have no problem with this hard stance. Because as we've seen over the past 24 hours, players are hitting the portal by the hundreds.

Is Colorado A Stepping Stone Job For Deion? Sure It Is

Is this a stepping stone job for Deion? Yes, most likely. But that doesn't mean he can't continue to prove himself and win football games to elevate the program. Colorado needed juice and that's exactly what they got when Deion was hired. This is an agreement between both parties, with Deion Sanders trying to elevate his name and Colorado trying to become relevant again.

Not many people would've predicted we'd be talking about Colorado football after its dreadful season. I spoke with a current player about how the new hire. He stated that the move caught the team by surprise even though they'd been paying attention to social media rumors.

"We were just as surprised as everyone else. He laid it all out for us and didn't beat around the bush, we're gonna have to put in the work. Not a single player in the locker room should be proud of the results from this season and this is what happens. It wasn't a shock to hear him mention the transfer portal because we have players talking about it every day. All eyes are on us now, so we better do something next season."

If there's a quarterback on the roster that doesn't like that Deion is bringing his son Shedeur with him, he'll be forced to try and beat him out. Sanders has to win now. So if there's another player on the roster that can get the job done, Deion won't hesitate to pull the trigger.

In all, this is the perfect opportunity for Deion Sanders and Colorado to both elevate their status in the college football world. It's an agreement between two parties to get what they want out of the relationship. And let's be honest, coach and school will most likely separate down the road. But when they finally do sign those divorce documents, they should both be in a better place.

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