Dabo Swinney Reacts To Disappointing 2021 Season, Attempts To Shift The Narrative

Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney is pushing back against people criticizing the team's 2021 season.

The Tigers finished the season 10-3, and suffered losses to Georgia, N.C. State and Pittsburgh. Swinney wants to know why the narrative is about what Clemson "didn't do" instead of what the other teams accomplished.

"Georgia was a great team. They were a champion. Pitt was a great team. They were a champion. N.C. State, they had a heck of a year and came up just short of winning the Atlantic. Those were really good teams. We'd like to be undefeated ever year, but it's probably not going to happen," Swinney told the press Wednesday when asked about the 2021 campaign.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Clemson is one of the most elite programs in America over the past several years, and that means expectations are high.

Welcome to the world of sports. When you regularly win, people only expect more. Dabo Swinney has two national title rings and multiple other College Football Playoff appearances.

Fans of the Tigers and the media have come to expect him and his team to perform at a high level. While 10-3 might be good enough for most of America, it's not good enough for Clemson. It's just not.

However, as Swinney pointed out, every team the Tigers lost to had a very solid season, especially Georgia and Pitt. The Bulldogs were the best team in America, and Clemson took them to the wire.

Most importantly, if Clemson has a huge 2022 season, everyone will forget about last year. It won't matter. If fans feel disappointed again, it will be a very different conversation we're all having.

Fortunately for Clemson fans, Dabo has a track record of success. He knows how to take care of business!

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