Crying Oklahoma Fan Could Become College Football's Next Great Meme

There's not much to say about the Texas Longhorns absolute dismantling of the Oklahoma Sooner today. They cleaned their clocks, steamrolled them, boat-raced them ... insert any blowout cliche that suits your fancy.

Of course, that means a few things for college football fans. First, we all now have to deal with the "Texas is back" talk AGAIN. Even though it's pretty clear that the current real UT is Tennessee.

But noted Texas fans like Fox News host Will Cain aren't about to let this moment pass without some trash talk.

Texas and Oklahoma Heading in Opposite Directions

While Texas fans are enjoying the fruits of their suffering following many mediocre seasons, Oklahoma fans are coming to grips with their new normal. Lincoln Riley bolted for USC in the offseason and was replaced by former Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables.

It has not been a good start for Venables. The Sooners are 3-3 on the season, but 0-3 in Big 12 play. Their former head coach, Riley, has the USC Trojans sitting at 5-0 and #6 in the country. So, yeah, that swap is not working so well in Norman.

But nothing more perfectly encapsulates the Sooners today like "crying OU fan."

I'm sure he's a nice guy, but I have a feeling this moment could define his life. You have to know when the camera is on you and you can't let the waterworks flow in the midst of a blowout. You are making yourself RIPE for the meme treatment.

You can practically FEEL the emotion in this clip. I really want to feel bad for the guy. But, hey, Oklahoma had a nice run. And, as the great philosopher Eminem once said, "and when your run is over, just admit when it's at its end."

I think "crying OU guy" is admitting that the Oklahoma run is, in fact, at its end.

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