Big Ten Friday Night Football Looks Like It's Happening Again

The Big Ten finally announced they are resuming football season, and they're going to do everything they can to wring out all of the television dollars involved. The conference has announced that after eight-game regular season, all 14 teams will play the opponent of the same ranking in the opposite division during the December 19th championship weekend.

Also, we're starting to see some percolation about Friday Night Football:

If this idea sounds familiar, it's because the Big Ten has had a smattering of Friday night games for the past three seasons. The idea was initially met with much aggravation because a lot of the Big Ten region is comprised of high school football hotbeds, which play on Friday nights. Last year, for example, there were a couple out of conference games and a couple conference games on Friday night. Iowa and Nebraska played on Black Friday afternoon.

It's unclear as of yet if this means there's going to be an uptick in the amount of Friday night games in the Big Ten, but it's been obvious for years that they want to capitalize on that TV window in the long run.

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