Bengals QB Burrow Backs Orgeron: 'I Love The Man'

Soon-to-be former LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron, 60, hasn't been feeling much affection lately. First, the school handed Coach O his post-season walking papers, then reports surfaced that he made advances at a married and pregnant Tiger-backer, which were subsequently shot down. But not all love is lost for Orgeron.

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who won a national championship under Coach O in 2019, is standing by his man, telling "I love the man, I love the coach."

Burrow spent two seasons with Orgeron at LSU. Following a 10-3 junior campaign, both Burrow and LSU exploded in 2019. The Tigers went 15-0, Burrow won the Heisman trophy, and LSU won their first national championship since 2007.

Since claiming the title, LSU has fallen from the mountain top. They finished 5-5 last fall and currently sport a 4-3 record, which led to Orgeron's exit from the Bayou.

"They hadn’t been winning as many games as I know they would like, but we did just win a national championship two years ago," said Burrow. "So that’s disappointing."

The pending split between LSU and Orgeron seems unlikely to change Burrow's opinion of his coach.

"It’s disappointing to me because he’s really a man that gave me an opportunity when nobody else really was," Burrow said. "I wouldn’t be here without Coach O. I’m forever indebted to him as a person and as a player. Our relationship will continue for the rest of our lives. I love the man, I love the coach."

Orgeron is expected to stay on as the Tigers' coach through the end of the season. Where he goes next is anyone's guess, but the love and support from Burrow will surely follow.

"I love Coach O and everyone over there," Burrow said. "So I hope he’s able to find a place where he feels like he’s welcomed."

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