Baylor's Beloved Bear Mascot, Joy, Passes Away At 21

Little did I know Monday while writing about hypothetically fighting off a bear on the golf course the Baylor University community was dealing with real-life tragedy as the school learned that its beloved mascot Lady Joy had passed away at 21 years of age.

You can feel the emotions pouring out from Baylor supporters who absolutely loved their bear that enjoyed life in a habitat on the school's campus.

"One of Baylor’s treasured North American Black Bears, Joy will forever be remembered as an enduring symbol of Baylor’s spirit and tradition," the school said Monday in a statement.

"The University will honor Joy in an on-campus memorial dedicated to the legacy of the past, present and future members of the Baylor Bear Habitat. Her sister, Lady, who is 20, will continue to receive the world-class supervision and protection of her caregivers in the Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat.

"In addition, for Lady’s continued care as she ages into retirement, the University is moving forward on the construction of a permanent retirement facility, similar to their on-campus housing, at the Bears’ off-campus enrichment area."

That's right, Judge Joy leaves behind her sister to live out her life at the habitat after all these years of being inseparable. These two had been together in the Baylor bear plaza since 2003.

Bear hugs go out to all those who loved that bear and visited Joy throughout the years.

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