How Are You Reacting If A Canadian Black Bear Jumps Into Your Golf Cart?

Think back to all those times you’ve been golfing in bear country with a golf cart loaded down with beef jerky, hot dogs, finished off hot dog wrappers, candy bars, weed, weed cookies, hamburgers, brats, chips, etc. In June, I was up in northern Michigan in bear country not thinking twice about cruising the course for four days with a cart LOADED with jerky.

After watching this video from the Nicklaus North Golf Course in Whistler, B.C. I’m starting to think of just what could happen to one of us on our own golf trip if a bear decides to come out of the forest to much on some snacks.

Just think of the 19th hole stories if you have to fight off a mother bear with your Callaway Rogue ST. Personally, I’m sitting here thinking about fighting off a bear with my 2009 Top Flite 6-iron with an American flag grip. You’re nuts if you think I’m breaking my ripoff driver in a fight with a black bear over Costco beef jerky.

Let’s go to the footage out of Whistler!

David Kelso, the guy who shot the footage, says that the bear wasn’t aggressive and it was eventually scared off into the woods to find an actual meal. The fellas went on to make birdies (you’ll have to take their word for it) and the golf trip rolled on from there.

I want to go back to ultimate 19th hole stories. Think for a minute about how every guy acts on a golf trip. Think of the ridiculous I missed a five-footer for eagle that would’ve made me 4-over for the round stories after these guys sucked down 30 beers and 5 Fireballs.

Personally, give me a story about fighting off a mother black bear who showed up to help her child find food. Yes, I’m willing to accept a claw mark as a souvenir. Just imagine the scene standing around the Dodge RAM in the parking lot reliving the round when you bust out a bloodied and shredded Travis Mathew polo to show the boys.

Bear golf cart video
A Canadian black bear on the hunt for a snack at Nicklaus North Course in Whistler, B.C. / TMZ

Chad: Broooooooooo….what happened to you?!?

Me: I fought a full-size mother black bear to save my Top Flights. Damn thing destroyed my $100 Travis Mathew shirt & spilled my Busch Light. 

Chad: You’re full of shit!

Me: Oh yeah, check out this footage Jeff shot instead of helping me.

Chad: Brooooooooooo…holy shit, that’s awesome!

I’m telling you guys, that’s better than having a hole-in-one story on your life resume. Plus, fighting a bear on a golf course is the type of story where guys buy you shots instead of forcing you to buy them shots for sinking a hole-in-one.

*Disclaimer: Let’s be safe out on the golf courses. My dream life resume material should not reflect how you live your own life. 

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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