Anthony Richardson Says Dropping 'AR-15' Nickname Is A 'Business Decision'

Florida QB Anthony Richardson's decision to drop "AR-15" as his nickname was purely about business.

The dual-threat Florida Gators quarterback recently decided to stop promoting his "AR-15" nickname due to its association with the popular rifle platform, and he's now explained why he made the call.

"I’m not going to be able to play football for the rest of my life. I feel it was pretty much a business decision. There’s a lot going on and that kind of played a part in it. Just trying to understand like who I am as a person," Richardson told the press Wednesday during SEC Media Days, according to the Associated Press.

He further added, "AR-15 doesn’t necessarily describe who I am. I’m Anthony Richardson and that’s who I’ve been since I was born."

Given how the media paints the AR-15 as the deadliest weapon ever invented, it's not hard to see how Richardson might view it as bad for business.

After all, we're now in the NIL era. Money has never been more important than it is right now.

However, there's nothing inherently wrong with having "AR-15" for a nickname. It's a gun, and it's simply one kind of gun.

Former NBA star Andrei Kirilenko was known to some fans as "AK-47" in reference to the Russian-produced rifle, and even Hollywood star Anna Kendrick's Twitter @annakendrick47 handle references the same weapon.

It's not uncommon. Hell, former Ohio State star Cardale Jones went as "12 Gauge."

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