Saint Peter’s Breakout Star, Doug Edert, Has Never Eaten A Sandwich

There is perhaps only one thing more surprising than his team’s Elite Eight run, and it's the fact that St. Peter’s junior guard Doug Edert has never experienced the pleasure of eating a sandwich.

“I’m the pickiest eater you’ll ever meet,” Edert told ESPN.

He did take one bite of a chicken parmesan sandwich once (everybody knows the rules), but it did nothing to convince him to dabble in the delicacy again.

“I took one bite of, like, a chicken parm sandwich with bread, and I never had that ever again, said Edert. “I don’t eat sandwiches. I can’t.”

“Dirty Doug,” who has the coolest mustache not attached to Tom Selleck, made it clear that he’s not anti-bread, he’s anti-sandwich.

“I’ll eat Italian bread, and I’ll eat chicken,” Edert said to ESPN.

But put them together?

"I can’t,” he insisted.

Edert has always had this no-sandwich stance, which means his diet looks more like a four-year-old's than an NCAA sharpshooter's.

“All I did when I grew up was eat chicken nuggets, pizza, waffles,” Edert admitted.

He went on to add that when the mood strikes on a road trip, he does occasionally indulge in “snacks.”

Fortunately for Edert, who scored 43 points over three NCAA Tournament games, his on-court success has led to a partnership that will allow him to stock up on snacks and wings in lieu of a sandwich. As OutKick detailed last week, Edert has landed an NIL deal with Buffalo Wild Wings.

Sometimes, it pays to be picky.


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