Victor Oladipo Suddenly Wants To Stay A Pacer

Victor Oladipo now wants to stay in Indiana, despite speculation he was looking to move on a few days ago. This is an odd turn, considering Oladipo reportedly asked the Knicks and Heat if he "could come play with them" in front of his Pacers teammates. That's a horrible look, but it seems Victor may have remedied his relationship as he's now hoping to build a winner in Indy.

Good on him.

We don't know what's been said behind the scenes as everything is merely speculation. In the NBA, rumors spread like a scene out of Mean Girls. Would it shock the basketball world that Oladipo wanted to leave small market Indiana for a major market?

Not a chance.

Players of Victor Oladipo's caliber have plenty to gain by joining forces on a team that would provide a better fit. Let's take Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler as an example. He's bounced around from the Bulls to the T-Wolves to the Sixers. This circus left Butler looking like an average player until he took control of his own destiny and moved to the Miami Heat. It's the single best thing he ever did. Now, Victor Oladipo is punting on that opportunity until he becomes a free agent after this upcoming season.

The Indiana star will get his opportunity to hand-select his destiny. Just not now. Oladipo could be telling the truth that he sees a bright future in Indiana, but more than likely he just doesn't like where the Pacers might send him. What are the chances the team he sees as an ideal fit happens to be the team offering the best trade package?

Let's give him his credit now

Victor Oladipo has one 72-game season in front of him before he hits free agency. That expiring contract is part of the reason why he was on the market in the first place. This is a young star that can launch himself into stardom or fade away like the Fanny Pack. Oladipo is betting on himself as a solo act in Indy, and we can't wait to see how he fares.

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