Stephen A. Smith Goes OFF On The Lakers

Stephen A. Smith didn't hold back any words when absolutely decimating the Los Angeles Lakers play this season.

If you haven't been watching the NBA, the Lakers, who are always expected to be one of the best in the league, absolutely stink. They are horrendous. It couldn't have happened to a better team led by LeBron James. Really chaps me to see LeBron get all sassy and angry when his team isn't doing well.

Stephen A. addressed the Lakers' woes Tuesday on ESPN's First Take.

“The bottom line is this, they can’t shoot…The fact of the matter is, they have been more competitive defensively. They do have athletes. They do have dudes who can ball a little bit. The problem is, they can’t shoot to save their damn life," Smith shouted.

Regarding his good friend Lebron, Smith summed it up with a simple, "Lebron has been awful . Awful!"


The facts speak for themselves. The Lakers can't score from the perimeter.

The Lakers are dead last in 3-point percentage, averaging just 29.1% this season.

The team finds itself in a difficult position of having solid interior players, that ultimately will crowd the paint and thus making it easier for defenders to guard against. When they do kick the ball out for a 3, nobody can drain it.

Even Shaq called out his former team where he won three NBA Championships:


Despite knowing about the Lakers depth problems, the franchise decided to pay big money to keep LeBron. The forward signed a two-year contract extension for $97.1 million, that includes a player option for 2024-25.

There had been rumors that the Lakers were considering signing the now-suspended Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets. However, Sports Illustrated's Howard Beck reported on "The Crossover NBA Show" that he thinks the Lakers have moved on from Irving and are awaiting a "bigger player to come loose," to possibly trade away Russell Westbrook and some draft picks for.

Hopefully that new player can hit 3-pointers that the 2-8 Lakers so desperately need.

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