Steph Curry Exchanges Autograph For Pushups At American Century Championship

If you're seeking an autograph from reigning NBA champion Steph Curry, it's going to cost pushups.

That was the lesson learned by a signature seeking fan on Thursday during the American Century Championship - a celebrity golf tournament held in Lake Tahoe, CA. The way too old to be asking for an autograph fan approached Curry after a tee shot and agreed to bang out the same number of pushups as Curry's jersey number (30) in exchange for Steph's autograph.

Paulie Pushup quickly agreed to the arrangement, hit the deck, emptied his pockets and rocked out the required chest exercises with surprisingly good form. In turn, Curry signed the fan's jersey even before he finished his 30 pack, and later shook his hand.

Watch the autograph promoted mini workout in the video below, courtesy of Steph's Instagram.

Other celebrities taking part in the tournament from Edgewood Tahoe include Charles Barkley, whose odds to finish within the top 70 golfers odds dropped significantly earlier this week, Justin Timberlake, Patrick Mahomes, Tony Romo, The Miz, Vince Carter and more.

Should they too, seek an autograph from the Warriors' point guard, those celebs participating alongside Curry likely won't be required to knock out any pushups. Though we'd love to see Barkley try.


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