Mark Jackson, Who Once Made Suggestive Comments About Wife Of LeBron James, Interviews For Lakers HC Vacancy

Back in 2018, former Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson was working as an analyst for ESPN, and because of his experience in the league and with the Warriors specifically, he was assigned to provide commentary during Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. And during the broadcast, he made a comment about Savannah James, wife of LeBron James, which will forever live in infamy.

To his colleague in the booth, Jackson made sexual reference to Savannah, saying, "I’d hit that out the park, no question, with all due respect.”

Take a listen and remember:

I'm sure Mr. and Mrs. James appreciated Jackson's gesture of "respect."

But at least it seems that LeBron bears no ill will towards Jackson. On Friday, Jackson interviewed for the Lakers' head coaching vacancy, and James apparently supports the idea.

Per Sam Amick of The Athletic, James would be "very enthused" to have Jackson in charge of his team. According to Essentially Sports, "James sees Jackson as a genuine option for the head coach position. He believes he can manage a roster as experienced as the Lakers and make the veterans click with each other," something former head coach Frank Vogel never managed to do.

Vogel was fired a month ago after the Lakers finished in 11th place in the Western Conference and missed the playoffs entirely, though OutKick's Sam Amico claims that Vogel was the "fall guy" for James's roster mismanagement.

In any case, it appears that LeBron has forgotten all about Jackson sharing his rather succinct sexual fantasies regarding Mrs. James with ESPN viewers and YouTube watchers everywhere.

But we imagine that, should Jackson get the gig, team family day get-togethers will be rather awkward for a while.