LeBron Heckler Juliana Carlos Issues Official Instagram Apology

The Great War between LeBron James and Juliana Carlos, the heckler who was kicked out of Monday's Lakers-Hawks game along with her "ol steroid ass" husband, appears to be winding down, and the 15 minutes of fame associated with going viral is officially flaming out. Tuesday night, Mrs. Carlos, 25, tried to put the saga to rest with an apology letter that seemed to come straight from her heart.

"About last night...," Juliana wrote. "To say things escalated quickly at yesterday's game is an understatement, and I want to apologize for losing my cool and removing my mask in the heat of the moment.

"My husband is a huge sports fan and we're passionate people, and let's be real: sports wouldn't be sports without a little trash-talking. What should have been a quick back-and-forth between two adults got out of hand and my natural instinct to stand up for the man I love kicked in. did I get defensive when that happened? Yes.

"Did I use offensive language when I could have taken the higher road? Yes. And for these things, I take full responsibility."

And with that, Juliana has disappeared for the last 20 hours. People looking to make money would've kept this story going for a couple more days. Chris Carlos is absolutely loaded with money -- he's been a part of the family liquor distribution business since 1985 -- so he doesn't need to be selling his story to TMZ or US Magazine unless he desperately wants the national attention that comes with it.

That's why it seems like this war of words that included Juliana yelling "shut your f–king mouth b-tch" at LeBron seems to be winding down. It was a great run. Time to move on to the next drama.


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